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Disaster Recovery

Your data is essential to your business - you could have spent years building up that database of clients and prospects. This data is far, far more valuable that any piece of computer hardware, yet the hardware is covered under insurance and the data is not. Where would you be without that data?

We offer expert advice on how to back up your data, test the backups and how to store information to minimise the chance of data loss.

Disaster Recovery Plans

An efficient back up procedure is only effective if it is supported by a Disaster Recovery Plan - a well thought out and documented plan to get back up and running in the event of a major disaster. This disaster might be something as minor as a hard drive crashing, or as major as a terrorist attack on your place of work. There are stories of companies going out of business after fires because although they had the equipment replaced, the insurance could never replace the years of work stored on those computers.

We can audit your current systems and produce, in association with an effective back up procedure, a complete disaster recovery plan for your business.

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