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Welcom to Seneca Associates Ltd.

We have entered the age of information technology. Computers are presenteverywhere from domestic homes to multinational corporations....

Government spending on technology will continue to grow for at least the next four years, with local authority spending outpacing that of central government.

Western European governments will invest $49bn (£27bn) in IT in 2009, compared to $38bn last year…. software continues to be the fastest-growing area of spending by retailers, followed by IT services. IT services will remain the major driver for IT spending, accounting for almost 50 percent of overall spending.’

Source: International Data Corporation (IDC) 2008.

In all commercial sectors information technology is becoming the most important concept for business as it has changed the approach of traditional business practices.

A clear vision and understanding of the growing requirements of the corporate world in the area of IT has enabled Seneca Associates Limited to develop programs and to offer services of specific relevance for the present and the future.

Seneca Associates Limited is an I.T. company based in the United Kingdom that first began life offering bespoke IT solutions. It has now expanded into the Middle East. It is understood that there are many off the shelf solutions being offered, but it could not be said that they were tailor made to fit and fulfil the needs of their intended clients.

When you choose Seneca Associates Ltd you have access to a visionary team of experts that are dedicated to giving you services that are based on more than just reworked existing models.

Innovate, create, illuminate’ is the mantra of the professionals that manage the clients projects and deliver exact answers to their business problems.

Our aim is to provide complete solutions that are not only match the clients needs, but supersede their expectations as lateral thinking and our in-depth analysis of your business requirements allow our team to truly cater to the company’s requirements

How are we able to possess such lofty ability?

Seneca teams are certified masters and have professional experience in subjects such as Oracle (DBA & Developer), Java, MSCE, .Net, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, HMC Development, Disaster Recovery, Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS), web services, web applications, graphic design as well as many other IT technologies.

The Seneca team’s experts comprise of Project managers, Senior Analysts, Team Leaders, developers, testers, designers, technical writers and trainers.

Our continuous striving to be innovators in our field mean that we manage our own in-house research projects that redefine the boundaries of what is currently available to the end user.

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